Modern trams for Bath...

City residents are crying out for green solutions to tackle traffic congestion.

Trams can be all things to all people…

From today’s ultramodern air-conditioned luxury urban transportation, moving business people and shoppers around, in and out of the city..

To modern-retro vintage style trams that evoke an air of nostalgia, and hearken back to a previous century… Such trams are a popular tourist attraction, providing easy transit to and from the historic features of an old city.

In tandem with a primary transportation role, tram restaurants can also be incorporated as a wonderful dining experience, traversing the city sights whilst enjoying fine local cuisine.

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Trams can provide a tangible link from past to present....

Electric powered, quiet, elegant and comfortable....

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Comparative benefits of trams vs buses

 Comparative benefits of trams vs buses, Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution, Malcolm Buchanan, Senior Director, Colin Buchanan and Partners. 12 February 2002 Extract from summary of presentation at: Trams vs. Buses: Making The Right Decision – Lecture given by Malcolm Buchanan, Senior Director, Colin Buchanan and Partners, on 12 February 2002.   Conclusion – […]

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Extract from report on Bath Tram feasibility from 2000  For full article see: Alan Wilkins, Hyder Consulting plc and Tony Young, Transport Consultant, on 12 December, 2000 Alan Wilkins opened the presentation by explaining that the study sprang from Trams for Bath ideas. It had used existing data from B&NES and Avon County Council surveys. […]

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Tram Restaurant Dining

The introduction of trams back into cities sometimes incorporates a determined effort to maximise the infrastructure. Implementing a unique city tourism attraction with retro-style vintage restaurant dining car trams is one way its done. Providing a wonderful fine dining experience and a sightseeing trip through the city’s highlights has great appeal to visitors.

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