Watch this video above to see the tram LEADING the traffic in.

This is possible because trams have Green Wave Traffic Light Priority which cannot generally be applied to buses which consequently are always stuck in traffic

If you would like to join in or listen to discussions about trams and their contribution to dealing with congestion there are two email forums you may wish to join:

Discussion forums

One is for those generally interested in trams and transport issues, and which is skewed towards Bath, but most of the points are relevant to other cities –!contactowner/bathtramreintroduction

The other with more technical details is a forum aimed at national tram experts – general but all are welcome.!contactowner/expertsfortrams

You can join either or both.  Please send email using if you are interested in joining.

Obtaining information from the site

Enter your enquiry into Google but add ‘Bath Trams’ at the end e.g.

  • “will people switch from cars to trams Bath Trams 
  • do underground utilities / services always need to be diverted for trams installation Bath Trams”

This will generally reveal the answer if it’s on this site.

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Saturday 8th February 2020 – Bath Area Trams Association national conference and get together

REGISTER FOR CONFERENCE HERE: FREE LUNCH INCLUDED £5 – £15  BRLSI Bath Literary and Scientific Institution, Queens Square, Bath, 9.00 coffee and registration for 10.00 start. Saturday 8th February 2020 PRESS RELEASE FRENCH ENGINEERING GIANT TO TALK AT BATH AREA TRAMS ASSOCIATION NATIONAL CONFERENCE AND GET TOGETHER Saturday Feb 8th. EGIS who have reinstalled […]

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Trams Ascending Steep Hills

Above – Tram in Helsinki – note the cyclists – the one in the distance safely crossing tracks Birmingham Pinfold Street, Battery only tram gradient 1 in 10.35 Birmingham Pinfold Street, Battery only tram gradient 1 in 10.35

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Others think Runcorn Busway is a success:

On Mon, 20 Jan 2020 at 15:25, <> wrote: Please put it under my name. I do not publish anonymously since I have belief in the honesty of my comments and my intentions.   Just to give a wider perspective I am and always have been a tramway fan first and foremost, but that does […]

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Comparative noise levels from trams and buses and cars

file:///C:/Users/tynin/Downloads/comparison-of-noise-impacts-from-urban-transport.pdf Extract: 0. COMPARISONS BETWEEN MODES From the above it can be seen that in the round, across all conditions, the noise from buses is potentially no more significant than that from trams. Bus engine noise, especially under heavy acceleration, can generate larger noise emissions than trams, but under certain conditions trams do generate more […]

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