Modern trams for Bath & Bristol...

Tram or light rail are the only technology proven to solve congestion.

If you would like to join in or listed to discussions about trams and there contribution to dealing with congestion there are two email groups you may wish to join:

Discussion forums

One for the generally generally interested in trams and transport issues, which is skewed towards Bath, but most of the points are relevant to other cities –!contactowner/bathtramreintroduction

And one more aimed at technical experts and technical details and is a forum for national tram experts –!contactowner/expertsfortrams

You can join either.  Please send email using contract email above if you are interested in joining.

Obtaining information from the site

To do this, put your enquiry into Google with Bath Trams at the end such as ” will people switch from cars to trams Bath Trams “, or ” do services always need to be diverted for trams Bath Trams ” etc and this will generally reveal the answer.

Latest Posts

Difficulties involved in utility / services diversion for street running trams

See also: Dear Dave,                 Relating to recent correspondence in the press I would like to make a point about Utilities in streets to be developed for tram services. I can agree with your correspondents that we as a nation need to do better; but having been involved in a survey of utilities myself (for […]

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