Modern trams for Bath...

City residents are crying out for green solutions to tackle traffic congestion.

Trams can be all things to all people…

From today’s ultramodern air-conditioned luxury urban transportation, moving business people and shoppers around, in and out of the city..

To modern-retro vintage style trams that evoke an air of nostalgia, and hearken back to a previous century… Such trams are a popular tourist attraction, providing easy transit to and from the historic features of an old city.

In tandem with a primary transportation role, tram restaurants can also be incorporated as a wonderful dining experience, traversing the city sights whilst enjoying fine local cuisine.

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Trams can provide a tangible link from past to present....

Electric powered, quiet, elegant and comfortable....

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Paris, faced with the chronic congestion caused by the automobile re-introduced trams in the 1970s

Wikipedia: The Île-de-France contemporary tramway is made up of ten distinct lines, each with a different history and different materials. Seven have been created from scratch on urban roads, and three are the result of the modernization of formerly under-exploited railway lines. In addition to the metro and the bus network , Paris and its region have owned a major tramway network that operated between 1855 and 1938 in Paris and until 1957 in Versailles . Faced with the […]

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who benefits from trams and who should pay

The word subsidy distorts the debate, and makes it far more political than it needs to be. Successful systems arise when all the beneficiaries of the system pay its costs, and there are many beneficiaries who, in this country, do not pay. My list of beneficiaries from a tram system includes: The passengers, and, in […]

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Why trams are likely the only practical solution to Bath’s congestion

The above old Bath trams has wheels closer together than a bus and can therefore negotiate a tighter turning circle, Modern very long trams can have the same close spacing.  Moreover trams always take the same course so can pass through narrower gaps than buses which can wander. This route fixity is also less intimidating […]

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