Trams can be all things to all people…

From today’s ultramodern air-conditioned luxury urban transportation, moving business people and shoppers around, in and out of the city..

To modern-retro vintage style trams that evoke an air of nostalgia, and hearken back to a previous century… Such trams are a popular tourist attraction, providing easy transit to and from the historic features of an old city.

In tandem with a primary transportation role, tram restaurants can also be incorporated as a wonderful dining experience, traversing the city sights whilst enjoying fine local cuisine.

Bath Trams Conference – 24 November 2018

Bath’s MP Wera Hobhouse and Bath Trams will be opening a conference on the re-introduction of Trams for Bath as a solution to the traffic congestion and associated pollution issues in the city. Trams can be a stimulus to Bath’s economy by facilitating movement into and within the city. This will benefit those who live and work here as well as the many visitors and shoppers who come to enjoy all this world heritage city has to offer.


Trams Conference Info

Trams can provide a tangible link from past to present....

Electric powered, quiet, elegant and comfortable....

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