GLUAS webinar for light rail for Galway, Eire, 20th April 2021

FAO: Dave Andrews

22nd April 2021

Dear Dave,

Many thanks to all of the organising committee and our most excellent speakers for attending the Galway Very Light Rail on 20th April. Huge appreciation was shown by many people including many of the politicians who attended. The whole event is now live on Youtube. Please like and share.

I would just like to alert you that there is a comment below the Youtube video in favour of BRT and giving out about engineers. I would be grateful if some of you could present a counter opinion in the comments section.

Could all speakers please send me a copy of their final slide decks so that I can circulate those in PDF format to the participants.

The Youtube link for the webinar is as follows

Link to article on RTE

Link to Galway Daily

Links to Galway Advertiser

I understand that there were also reports on TG4 television, Galway Bay FM radio and the Irish version of the Times newspaper.  If anyone has links to those, please forward them.

Please don’t forget to Like the Youtube video (if you do) and please feel free to leave a comment.

Any questions about the webinar should be addressed to:

Best Regards,

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Preview YouTube video Galway Very Light Rail Webinar April 2021

Galway Very Light Rail Webinar April 2021

Dear colleagues,
  Please find the list of Speakers for our forthcoming Webinar and the order in which they will make their presentations;
 1. David Andrews, Chair,Bath Trams/ Claverton  Energy Group. Presentation:
2. Andreas Hildebrandt, Press Officer, Freiburger  Verkehrs AG.
3. Ulf Stohmayer, Professor of Geography, NUI Galway ( and former native of Freiburg).
4 .Nicola Small,Senior Rail and Very Light Rail Programme Manager,( Transport & Infrastructure)Coventry City Council .
5. Nick Mallinson, CEO, Black Country Manufacturing Organisation (BCIMO) and Very Light Rail Innovator and specialist.
6. Brad Read ,President TIG/m ,LLC, Chatsworth, California ,USA.
                 The Webinar Organiser is Niall O’BROLCHAIN, Insight,Centre for Data Analytics At NUIGalway and former Senator and Mayor of Galway
                Professor Padraic O’Donoghue,  Professor of Civil Engineering NUIGalway and Webinar Chair,will welcome and introduce the Speakers.
             Brendan Holland, Chair of Gluas Light Rail Committee will formally close the Webinar with his concluding thoughts on the Webinar,Feasibility Study and the Light Rail solution to Galway’s chronic traffic problems.
             Appended below please find the “ Coleman Report “ which may help the Speakers with some background information on Galway’s traffic congestion problems and proposed solution.
                    Yours sincerely,
                                Murt Coleman, Chartered Engineer,
                                      Gluas Light Rail Committee