Curitaba is not nearly the succes that it is portrayed as and would likely not work here.

Dear Cezary,
Curitiba spawned the ‘anti-light rail’ movement in the USA, pointing outing to the lower cost and success of the Curitiba Bus system. The world’s first busway was built in Runcorn New Town opened in 1970, with the housing and other developments built around bus stops, and a traffic free route offering 65km/hr bus speeds, with journeys by bus faster than car. The expectation was that 50% of internal trips would be by bus.
When a comprehensive study was undertaken in 1982, with car ownership at only 30% of households, only 15% of internal trips were by bus. Carless households made more trips by car than bus, thanks to lifts from neighbours, friends and family. Presently bus use in Runcorn is 5% of all internal trips, no different from other similar-sized towns that have no busway.