Bath Trams Report Jan 2018

Bath Trams Report - Jan 2018

The West of England Joint Transport Study has identified a Transport Vision that would transform travel behaviour in the city region. This includes an ambitious programme of measures in Bath and North East Somerset, including proposals for mass transit connecting Bristol with Bath.

Building on this, Bath and North East Somerset (BANES) Council wishes to consider the feasibility of introducing trams into Bath. Trams in Bath were not explicitly identified in the recommendations from the Joint Transport Study, but the Council requires consultancy support in assessing whether trams could play a role in helping to meet the future transport needs of the city.

This document takes an evidence-based approach to assessing the key issues in Bath regarding public transport accessibility and demand, to provide an initial overview of how a tram system may assist in improving the city’s public transport.

The evidence gathered looks at the need for intervention for a tram in Bath, in relation to travel volumes, demand and purpose for travel into and around Bath. The assessment for a tram in Bath takes into account current car and bus usage in Bath, with a view to complementing walking, cycling and Park & Ride schemes.

A summary of the briefing note from Bath Tram Re-Introduction Group has also been reviewed.

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