Can trams fit in the narrow streets in Bath, whilst sharing the same road as cars?

Above – a tram in Prague


The above street is not dedicated solely to trams, ie cars use it as well.

It is sometimes thought that trams in Bath would need special lanes, this is not the case.  The Bath trams would follow exactly the same route as cars, or put another way, cars would follow on exactly the same tracks as the tram, no special segregated routes are needed, and due to Green Wave Traffic Light Preemption, the trams will carve through the traffic.  Hard to believe but see this link  Green Wave Traffic Light Preemption         

How Green Wave traffic signal pre-emption / traffic light pre-emption gets trams through traffic on the London Road, Bath

In the above, notice the car and the tram on the same road, with parking spaces. Trams are very narrow and always take the same route exactly


This is not a tram only road, cars also use it

This car is reversing up to allow the tram to proceed