Galway Very Light Rail Webinar on 20th April 2021 featuring talks from Frieburg, Bath, and others

(Bath and Bristol Area Trams Association were invited to give the keynote talk outlining the benefits of trams linked with buses and the fundemental reasons why buses on their own will not work to cut congestion.  )

The links to the 5 very short contributinos from across the industry are featured below in the links

FAO: Dave Andrews

9th June 2021

Dear Dave,

Many thanks for attending the Galway Very Light Rail Webinar on 20th April. Huge appreciation was shown by many people including many of the politicians who attended. The whole event is live on Youtube at the link below. Please like and share this video and feel free to leave a comment.

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Links to all the presentations from the webinar are available below.

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The Gluas Group is asking politicians and others to back a feasibility study into Very Light Rail for Galway to be funded by the Department of Transport as part of the review of the Galway Transportation Study. The Minister for Transport has kindly agreed to do this in 2022. The Gluas group wish to have an input into the Terms of Reference of that study which must focus solely on Light Rail and must be carried out by independent consultants with experience of Light Rail systems.

We look forward to seeing you at the next webinar and hopefully on a tram in the not too distant future.

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Best Regards,

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