Meeting with Dan Norris WECA mayor Press Report:

The above  article by the way isn’t quite correct. Numerous surveys have shown that on any new tram route, about 20% of the tram passengers will have previously driven along that route ie are now leaving the car behind. And if you calculate the space taken up by the tram, and compared it to the say the space taken by 70 cars now in the tram, ( 350 car tram, 20% = 70) – this is actually less space, so that adding a tram actually increases the capacity of the road so those who need to or choose to travel by car have less congestion. In addition, the rest of the tram passengers will be traveling much quicker than before because there will be less cars in their way, and in greater comfort and style. See…/

But it is actually better than this.  Because a tram line can economically carry not only 12 times the people per hour that cars do on a standard hight, they can carry up to 5 times the number of people that a bus economically can.  This mean that even more cars are taken of the road and given nice fast comfortable prestigious travel to work.,times%20as%20effective%20as%20buses.