Much vaunted Belfast Glider Bus has a corridor capacity of 1,000 per hour. a tram corridor 12,000.

Dave Andrews

21:16 (0 minutes ago)

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“The overall capacity, including people standing, has also fallen notably, albeit more modestly, in that busiest hour, from some 1,104 people overall to 997 people.”

The corridor capacity of tram line can be  12,000 per hour.
An argument advanced for the Glider is an interim approach to “establish the demand ” which can then be converted to a tram later if it exists.  This seems illogical since it is not difficult ( so I am told to reasonably accurately predict tram take-up based on previous experience) and in any case, a bus never has the same attractiveness or modal shift as a tram, so the bus results will be irrelevant.