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TramForward has long campaigned for trams not only in the major conurbations but in medium-sized towns and cities. Trams can provide economic and clean public transport, encouraging regeneration and a move away from cars, and improving the environment and general ambience of the urban area. TramForward is, therefore, very pleased to support this forthcoming conference.


Trams for Bath? Hosted by Wera Hobhouse MP and Bath Trams, Saturday afternoon, 24th November

Looking at the case for trams, where they could be deployed and the next steps.


Bath MP Wera Hobhouse and Bath Trams are hosting a conference on the suitability of Trams for Bath as a solution to the congestion and pollution issues; as a stimulus to Bath’s economy by facilitating shoppers and workers entering the city, and as a solution to movement in the public realm within the city. In addition to a comprehensive network within Bath, tram connections to Chippenham, Radstock, Bristol and Bristol airport are proposed. Experts from the transport sector will be giving their views, along with the leaders of the local political parties.


The conference is free but prospective attendees should register at:


Jim Harkins, Chairman of the Light Rail Transit Association External Relations Group, said “we are delighted to see the campaign for trams in Bath making such good progress and gaining wide local support. Bath Trams has the full backing of the LRTA and we look forward to a successful and productive conference.”



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