PRESS RELEASE Major Success for Bath Area Trams Association

Bath Area Trams Association Bath Trams  have achieved another major milestone in their project to have trams re-installed within Bath and Bristol connecting other areas such as Chippenham, Radstock, Midsomer Norton, Keynsham, with the explicit inclusion of trams in the plans for the Joint Local Transport Plan 4 2020-2036 from the West of England Combined Authority for various routes including Bath itself.

This follows on from in 2018 in working with BATHNES ( Bath and North East Somerset) Councillors to commission Atkins for an initial feasibility study which came to a positive conclusion.

Bath Trams  is holding a major conference this Saturday  in Bath  where national experts will talk about modern methods of installing tram tracks with minimum disruption, and why they are so more attractive to drivers than buses. This means car drivers will leave their car at home, and get in the tram, meaning tram traffic no longer impedes the car meaning they can be faster and reliable  – an effect not achieved with buses which are always conversely delayed by traffic but which are excellent for rural routes and tram feeders.  Major engineering giant EGIS who have re-installed many of the French re-trammings will be speaking, along with promoters of  other local initiatives.

Bath Trams  argues that trams work for reducing congestions in 8 British cities, because they are inherently more frequent, reliable, spacious, smoother, 4 times the route capacity as buses and do not emit deadly rubber tyre dust pollution. They also emit around 10 tines less global warming gases.

Dave Andrews, Chair of Bath Trams said “Slight edition…. ” we commend the metropolitan mayor Tim Bowles and Bathnes Council and officers  for their leadership in this issue and regard the inclusion of light rail / trams for Bath and other local routes in the Joint Local Transport Plan 4 as a major success for our efforts in drawing attention to their benefits compared to rubber tyred buses. The reason why trams are so more effective than buses will be covered by various national experts at this Saturday’s conference at BRLSI. It is a pity however that the plan calls for a metro bus type solution for Bath to Keynsham since it has been well proven that buses cannot attract car drivers out of their cars, whereas trams can”



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