How safe, dangerous risky, are trams compared to other road transit systems such as buses?

It is clear that trams are much safer than buses or cars:


The BBC worked from published data and found similar figures, well in favour of trams as above  From:

How does this compare to other modes of public transport?

According to Andrew Braddock from UK Tram you are:

  • 15 times safer travelling by tram than by bus
  • 24 times more times safer on a bus than in a car

Newsbeat took a look at the numbers.

First we found out how many passengers used each method of transport over the period June 2015 to June 2016.

Then we found out how many injuries were reported (from minor injuries to fatalities) and worked it out per 100 million people…………….


There were at least 71 collisions at zebra and traffic light-controlled crossings between January 2016 and last November, according to figures provided by Mayor Sadiq Khan.

The true figure could be far higher due to weaknesses in the way bus companies report crashes to Transport for London.

Eight people were killed and 719 seriously injured in collisions involving London buses in the year to last June, a separate analysis of TfL data by the GMB union revealed

One a day killed or injured by London buses –


There seem to have been no fatalities caused by trams since the Sandilands accident in 2016.  And no pedestrians have been injured in that time.