Self driving cars will make congestion worse – 2

Just 2,000 autonomous vehicles in downtown San Francisco would be enough to snarl traffic as cars will choose to “cruise” instead of pay for parking, a new analysis shows.

Adam Millard-Ball, a transportation planner and an associate professor of environmental studies at UC Santa Cruz calculated the cost a self-driving car would incur in maintenance, wear and tear, and electricity at 50 cents an hour—less than feeding the meter in most towns, and certainly less than the cost of parking in San Francisco. So, as Millard-Ball explains, self-driving cars would instead circle the block again and again and again.


Waymo (Google) automated mobility services trial with hundreds of
users coming to Phoenix.
It seems that it will not be the last mile from public transport to home
model but a one to one replacement for the conventional car in urban
areas. So probably little gains from reducing congestion just like
the oversupply of individual houses (sprawl), as opposed to a
range of housing types.
John Daglish
Paris, France