Slow-Pass for Bath from the A46 to A36 plus tram loop

For a more legible drawing download this link:!AqLj2TDLZL3ZgbsgaV4fIXHNLxtnbg?e=5PXMWg The above is an interim drawing currently being drawn professionally.

This proposal, which is not an official BABATA one ( although the tram line to Bathford is) is to provide a deliberately slow bypass or Trundle Pass.  This would be specifically designed to take no more heavy traffic (or indeed any more light through traffic) over it than is presently using the Cleveland Bridge and the Bathampton Toll Bridge or to take it any quicker than the existing route.

This would be accomplished by a weight limit to be placed on the Cleveland Bridge, and traffic flow restrictions ( ie lights and or speed) to prevent traffic from simply building up again over that route. (this is already done for the London Road to queue traffic on the bypass using the traffic lights. This is also done in many other cities ie Geneva).

If a conventional bypass is built, with high speed and high capacity, this would temporarily attract traffic out of the city, but very soon new journeys would be created as people discovered there was less congestion.  This is a well-known, proven occurrence.

Furthermore, the bypass itself with its greater capacity and speed would conjure into being new traffic from cars and freight companies who quickly realize this new route is available and this adds to congestion along any route that can pass through the new bypass.

But also these new journeys will create new trips into Bath as freight companies realize they can drop off something in Bath en route.

So what happens in most cases is that a conventional bypass creates more congestion either side of it, and fairly quickly the city itself becomes clogged up to its previous level.

This is why the North Circular in London had to be progressively enlarged and eventually replaced with the M25 which is now full to capacity

Thus the Slow Pass would be designed to limit speeds and hence flow, by for example making it a single track with traffic lights, speed limits etc.  Thus, lorries and cars would find it as quick on the new Slow Pass as the old route, but would be far cheaper than a conventional high-speed, grade-separated, dual carriageway, and virtually invisible, and wouldn’t attract new traffic.

In addition, a tram loop would be offered which would take people to Batheaston and also pick up park and ride passengers now parked on the closed half of the existing bypass dual carriageway.

petitions for slow link and trams:

This is for the River Avon crossing at point C from Beaver Bridge Co.

The total cost of a 45 m span is £300k fully installed. This means that even if the entire 2 km route were comprised of Prefabricated Bridges. These would be to full Euro standard ( ie able to take the very heaviest legal loads with a 120-year design life) this would cost no more ( roughly) than £13m.


The bridge can be built from an order in 24 weeks. If the entire route were done with bridges then 1 year.

On Mon, 10 May 2021 at 13:12, Henry Beaver <> wrote:

Afternoon Dave,

Thanks for the email. I have used google Earth and 45m looks about the right span

We can offer a Full Turn Key Package:

Following your email to increase some of the dimensions of the bridge, we are pleased to offer:

  • Topographical survey – £1,499 (Measures the ground accurately)
  • Ground Investigation Survey – £12,999 (to understand ground conditions)
  • Risk Assessment, Method Statement, Lift Plan and Project Management – £9,999
  • Mobilize to site (welfare, fencing etc) – £2,499Design and Check certificate for new bridge sub-structure – £12,999 (Assume no requirement for Approval In Principle)
  • Design and Check certificate for new bridge superstructure – £12,999
  • New mass concrete foundations – £24,999 (Assumes no Ground Investigation required)
  • 45m x 3m new steel bridge (flat) with 1.4m high Disability Discrimination Act compliant parapets and non-slip deck – £172,999
  • Deliver to site – £6,499
  • Install onto prepared foundations – £19,999
  • Client to provide all permits and consents, access, and crane pad (BB are able to provide all of these items if required)
  • No allowance for lighting or ducting or any works to the existing abutments

Thank you

Best Wishes,

Henry Beaver
Managing Director


11th May 2021,


We have offered a propriety Unibridge

These are permanent bridge structures designed to Euro-code with 120 years design life

All design and infrastructure work by Beaver Bridges are to these same standards

I attach our accreditations

Best Wishes,

Henry Beaver
Managing Director


One of many more accreditations….