City Trams Improve & Preserve Rural Bus Services

How city trams speed countryside dwellers into Bath quickly and economically

The problem for people living outside of Bath is that the Bus services are considered poor, unreliable, expensive and take a long time to thread their way into town due to the traffic congestion. Car owners will not take a bus if they have a car. Thus country-side dwellers tend to prefer to drive in. The those who have to use buses find the cost of running them is high due to low passenger volumes and the costs of getting through traffic.

An effective city wide tram system has several beneficial effects for country dwellers (and city commuters):

  • First: by removing much of the local car traffic, particularly the school run and reducing local commuters, external drivers and buses will have a freer run into the city..
  • Second: with the rapid transfer from park and ride to the town via frequent trams which can pass through traffic (explained here), many drivers will start to use the park and rides.
  • Third: Many of the hitherto car drivers will find it more convenient post-tram, to take a bus in, because these can enter Bath quicker  due to the reduction of in-city congestion and the trams ability to pass through traffic (explained here)
  • Fourth: Some bus services will drop passengers at the out of town terminals of the trams system and turn around meaning they can make more trips per day improving the economy of the bus. After an average 3 minute wait the tram will speed them into town, using its ability to move quickly through traffic due to traffic light timings.
  • Fifth: Overall a city tram network will improve the speed and patronage of out of town feeder buses reducing costs making them more viable and attractive

The transfer of country car commuters to trams will reduce in-city congestion and speed in-city bus and tram services creating a virtual circle yet further improving their attraction.

All these points  points will dramatically cut the cost of the rural feeder bus services.