Trams speed through traffic whereas buses can’t

Car Management – clearing the route ahead for trams by traffic light timings

Cars can be better managed with a tram system by temporarily setting traffic lights to bar routes for cars prior to the arrival of a tram whose arrival timing can be accurately predicted.  Such a traffic management system, will ensure that cars have cleared a sufficient distance ahead so as not to impede a tram’s journey into the city. This achieves the same effect as a dedicated bus lane in terms of speedy tram travel, but also disuades cars from entering the city.

Trams are much liked by citizens and a proven method to improve city environments

Generally car drivers will purchase the most expensive and prestigious car affordable. Similarly the key fact here is that because trams are perceived as expensive, solid and prestigious, comfortable, fast, smooth, and reliable people will transfer from car to tram but not willingly to diesel buses, electric buses or trolley buses for various reasons – see later. Thus trams are a proven method to improve travel experiences in cities, cut pollution, increase foot fall in shops and tourist attractions and increase commercial rental values.

map2Map of proposed tram routes slightly larger than the previous abandoned system and with an extension to Lansdown Park and Ride.