Statistics for peoples journeys within and to Bath – driving and walking in Bath

This is extracted from the National Census 2011 Travel to Work data which asks where where respondents were coming from and going to and by what method

Someone associated with our group, a computer data expert, Adam Reynolds took the raw data and extracted it for those travelling to  Bath and within Bath:

19,809 commute into the city.

8,517 commute within the city

Worth remembering that there is a bias, so for example if someone rode a bike or walked a few times to work in a year, there is a tendency to say that they ride / walk to work every day, whereas they may in fact generally drive etc. ~( virtue signalling)

There are also many suppressed trips not covered – many people would use a cheap convenient reliable form of transport such as a tram, but in fact don’t travel because of the lack of a cheap, convenient, reliable and frequent service, and instead drive somewhere else or shop on line.  In other words the number of potential trips that a new  tram system would attract is likely  greater than indicated by these statistics.