Stats show even with no fares car drivers will not use buses in sufficient numbers to impact congestion and pollution

This indicates a 50% increase in usage which sounds a lot but isn’t.

If replicated in Bath for example, a 50% increase, or even 85/% increase on bus usage which is only 5% of present journeys is not going to solve the congestion problem:

“One month on, the Dunkirk mayor, Patrice Vergriete, who promised free public transport in his 2014 election campaign, says the project has been an overwhelming success, with a 50% increase in passenger numbers on some routes, and up to 85% on others.“…….


When mayor Anne Hidalgo suggested she would look at scrapping fares, Frédéric Héran, a transport economist, said the measure “made no sense”.

“Who will the new public transport users be?” he asked. “All studies have shown they will be cyclists, then pedestrians and very few motorists. This clearly shows it’s an anti-cycling, anti-pedestrian measure and not very discouraging to cars.”

Bath Trams suggest that based on the evidence, the only solution to congestion is trams, because car drivers will use them, as the UK experience unequivocally shows. They are cheaper per passenger km, can be prioritized through traffic unlike buses, are more comfortable, roomier, reliable and more frequent.