The Climate Change Conference – COP 26 and transport

The above image shows that steel wheeled trams have a far far lower lifecycle emission than cars, and also about half that at least of bus based system.
 To anyone following this event it should be obvious that we are heading towards a massive catastrophe for at least our grandchildren, and to some extent our children – actions pledged are nowhere near enough to avert disaster.
It is also obvious that the worldwide car-based transport system is simply not sustainable. Various studies have shown the impossibly large amounts of special metals that will need to be mined for electric cars, and the extra wind turbines to run them.
The only feasible solution is steel wheeled rail vehicles which do not require rare metals, or at least far far less as they can be run directly from renewable energy, no batteries and have a far lower driving energy requirement ( no rubber tyre friction).
Also over the lifetime, they emit hugely less GHG than cars and about half that of a proper bus rapid transit system.
And experience shows that drivers will to a large extent accept a prestigious tram ride instead of a car, but will not accept a bus, for all sorts of unchangeable reasons.
So what we need from WECA the funding authority, is instead of spending £billions on new roads, which only make congestion worse, to spend it on a tram line from Bristol to Bath, through Saltford, taking in the Bath* Spa University, and then to either the Odd Down Park and Ride and then on to Radstock and Midsomer Norton, or the University (where the redundant car park would become a park and ride, or right through Bath to Bathford, via a new park and ride constructed on a closed carriageway of the pointlessly dual carriagewayed by-pass, or all three options.
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But climate change or pollution is not the driver for this – the fact is people could get to work in Bristol and in Bath more conveniently, and quicker even if they still choose to drive as some will, because a tram can increase the person carrying capacity of the existing road from about 1000 cars per hour = say 1300 person / hr to about 5000 passengers / h or more.
*Many people living in Bath drive to the University
Electric cars are not free from emissions either.