Trams have much high frequency than buses – 6 – 8 minutes throughout the day

Bigger, better – and more frequent

Your Midland Metro runs from Wolverhampton to Birmingham, so it’s perfect for getting to Bilston, Wednesbury, West Bromwich, The Hawthorns and the Jewellery Quarter. Trams run every 6-8 minutes during the day and every 15 minutes on evenings and Sundays. In Budapest trams run every two minutes on some routes 

National Express Midland Metro operates the tram service on behalf of West Midlands Combined Authority. See the full range of tickets and prices available to use on Midland Metro here.

Why might this be?

Trams have completely different economics to buses.  They have high capital costs but very low running costs.  This means that once installed you may as well run all the trams all the time as there is little saving by leaving trams in the depot and still paying the drivers.  But with buses large savings in running costs by parking the buses.

These schedules are notable in all tram systems.  The fact that they have high frequency during the day and evening means people get used to using them and not using their cars.


In Budapest every two minutes