About Us

The Bath Tram Re-Introduction Group (BTRIG)  AKA Bathtrams AKA Swiftrams is a new independent group comprised of engineers, transport and financial experts, which wishes to present a working case for the reintroduction of trams in Bath, and with the support of the people of Bath and B&NES will raise private investment to build and operate it with profit over and above running costs and loan repayments being used to subsidise rural buses and vital feeder route buses.

We are talking to interested groups such as B&NES and decisions makers and to those who have the funds for this sort of large infrastructure investment – circa £200m.

This sort of capital is readily available providing

  • A feasibility followed by a detailed business study shows the economics are good enough
  • The scheme is then granted planning permission and has the support of the Council

Our initial studies show the returns are good enough

If you or your organization would like a briefing or talk please email: tyningroad@gmail.com