How Trams created Bath – 1880 – 1939

Trams expanded Bath from the Medieval core to all the outlying suburbs ( as in all European cities), mainly paid for by co-investors with the housbuilders, as per the expansion of the Metropolitan line.

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Above is a schematic of the old Bath Tram routes up untill 1939.

Below is the same old Bath Tram routes in red but  to scale (mainline GWR/S&D) rail in black) which was discontinued in 1939. note the line ran out to the Globe at Newton St Loe.

Below detailed route map from the Tramway Classics book


Below map of the old horse drawn tramway from The Bath Tramsways – Colin Maggs – see below

original horse drawn cars

Starbuck Tram hrstram

The evidence of Bath’s past as a tram city is still to be seen  – the pictures here show where the overhead lines were bolted to buildings. Below right you can see the original fittings.


The 4 holes above left,  showing where tram wire support points were once bolted to the wall – New Kings Street.

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