PRESS RELEASE: Govt considering supporting tram re-introduction:


Bath Trams are pleased to note that the Govt has listened to the type of the evidence advanced by Bath Trams and is now actively considering supporting their re-introduction:

“New tram networks could be rolled out in towns and cities across England under government plans to cut congestion and pollution.

The Department for Transport said that so-called light rail systems could help “reduce dependence on private cars”. A report published yesterday said that trams could carry 20,000 passengers an hour in each direction — about four times more than buses.
It said that future tram systems could be powered by batteries without the need for expensive and cumbersome overhead lines, making them cheaper and easier to install. Britain’s first battery-powered tram was introduced in Birmingham last year.

These are all points that have been made by Bath and Bristol Trams Chairman, Dave Andrews. As a result of Bath and Bristol Trams the BANES council commissioned an initial feasibility report which indicated trams would be viable, and the subject is now being looked at in detail by WECA for a proposed Bath Bristol Tram link.

Andrews says ” putting a tram link from Bath to Bristol is equivalent to constructing a 5 lane highway” in terms of increasing the capacity of the road

He also points out the Green wave traffic light preemption ensures trams can glide through traffic without hindrance whereas this cannot readily or effectively be applied to buses ( for non-obvious reasons)

Dave is available for interview –  07795 842295

He said ” it is refreshing and encouraging to hear that the Govt have accepted many of our arguments, pointing out that car drivers will not switch to buses in sufficient numbers to counter congestion, it is only where trams have been re-introduced that traffic congestion has been cut.” He advised press to look on the website for detailed information on any tram or light rail related subject.  Or simply type in a question to google like ” will car drivers switch to buses or trams but always add bathtrams” to the search.  Or for example type in ” history of tram closures bathtrams etc.

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