BBATA (in association provisionally with TFGB) – organize web conference for re-tramming Bath, Bristol,

(BBATA =  Bath and Bristol Area Trams Association, TFGB = Transport Forum for Greater Bristol)


Leading experts will be addressing this issue including Richard Briggs of Mott Macdonald, leading tram/light-rail consultants.

Richard Briggs, is Light Rapid Transit Deputy Practice Leader for Mott MacDonald and a member of the UK Tram Centre of Excellence. With over a decade of success at the Global Light Rail Awards including recently retaining their Supplier of the Year title and receiving the Project of the Year (over 50M euros) for the Uithoflijn in the Province of Utrecht, Mott MacDonald continue to provide technical excellence across the Light Rail industry. Richard will provide a brief overview of light rail, the perceived barriers to introducing schemes in the UK, the opportunities that light rail offers and some innovative solutions that could be used in other towns and cities. He will draw upon his experiences in successfully re-introducing trams to the streets of Birmingham for the first time in 62 years, its expansion using catenary free solutions and from across the Bristol Channel where the Cardiff Valley Lines are being transformed into South Wales Metro using ‘Smart’ electrification and the UKs biggest roll out of Tram-Train to enable future expansion of the Metro onto the streets of Cardiff. 

It is expected that local politicians will also address the conference.

The date is not fixed but probably mid-February.

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From TFGB, Transport Forum for Greater Bristol website:, Campaigns, Rapid Transit plan.