Lecture: Trams for Bath, Radstock Keynsham and Bristol? 12th June 7.30pm Bath Wednesday, June 12, 2019 from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM (BST)


Roger Harrison who was involved at a senior level in the design, build, and operation of the very successful Nottingham tram ( it has just been agreed to extend it, as has Edinburgh) will talk about how trams may be beneficial to Bath and its connections to Radstock and Bristol.
A key point he will cover is that whilst trams are expensive in first cost they have much lower running costs, and over the long term the cost per passenger mile on appropriate routes is less than for a bus.
Overall the different economics mean a tram can afford to operate reliably round the clock at much shorter service intervals then a bus and this and other advantages due to being a more comfortable and spacious light rail vehicle, rather than an automotive vehicle, mean trams typically attract 25% of the users who previously drove cars whereas experience shows drivers will not use buses. It is drivers of course who create traffic which slows down buses.
Trams can be fed through traffic (even without dedicated lanes) much faster than buses, because not only do they remove many of the car that previously impeded them, but it is generally possible to prioritise them via traffic lights without slowing cars, whereas this is generally not done with buses for practical reasons. (This would create too many traffic light interruptions amongst other things which would slow cars, and generally they only carry low fractions of traffic and unused  bus lanes upset car drivers)

Roger Harrison was the leader of the private sector consortium which tendered, won, financed then designed, built Phase 2 (two new lines) and operated/maintained the three line network. He later became the Chairman of the Concession company *D-B-F-O-M) Tramlink Nottingham Ltd and Tramlink Nottingham Holdings Ltd which held the main contract for 23 years.
(£4.00 entry fee,seniors, students etc, £2, on the door)

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