2 Recent German Light Rail Tram Track costs – £13 – £20m / km

Below, extract / condense from article – full version here –  https://www.progressrail.com/en/innovation/uptimesuite.html

Jun 22, 2020 David Burrough

Essen – about £17m/km

Essen’s construction and transport committee has approved a project to develop a 5km at-grade light rail line from Bergmühle to Stadtmitte depot, which will run via the city centre and Essen Main Station. Eight stops have been approved, with another two being reviewed.

The city aims to achieve 25% of all journeys by public transport by 2035. Planning and approval for the line is due to be completed in December 2022, with construction beginning in 2023. The line is expected to enter operation with the timetable change in May 2025.

The line is expected to cost around €89m.

Berlin – £13m/km approx

Bremen – about £20m/km

And from https://www.railwaygazette.com/projects-and-planning/blankenburg-tram-extension-moves-forward/56791.article  

Blankenburg – £15m/km – Picture below.

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