Temporary tram diversion tracks permit access to buried utilities under tram tracks – they do not necessarily need to be moved during tram line installed

The above images and video below, indicate how rapidly tram tracks can be diverted whilst services are maintained or moved. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33FAA4pzRkA

See also: https://bathtrams.uk/safety-issues-when-trams-run-over-temporary-track-during-say-utility-relocation-diversions/

“Kletterweiche” are a form of temporary tracks laid on the surface of the road to effect a diversion if large excavations for utility work is required. See images below from Wroclaw Poland 2015:

Please find attached hereto pictures of “Bump-over” points (there are other names) which can be used on either side of temporary single track in the street to allow roadworks under the other track, i.e. without stopping the tram,s running during the work.  They were taken last autumn in Wroclaw (Poland) by me.  I give you permission to use them.
Best wishes,
Robert Manders, BSc, AMA

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